What is Send With SES ?

Send With SES is a wrapper built around AWS SES for sending emails at low cost while ensuring high deliverability. Just input your AWS Keys, verify your Domain, and you're good to go. See HOW TO's (left panel) for detailed instructions.


If you have ever created a web or mobile app, you will know that sending transactional and informational emails to your users is a daunting and expensive affair. For example, if you have to send emails to even as few as 5000 users, your monthly bill will be $50 (with Mailchimp). Further, almost all email service providers make you choose a plan based on the number of subscribers/contacts you have. For example, Sendgrid charges $10 for every 10,000 contacts you store with them — even if you rarely email them. We feel this is unnecessarily expensive. For a small business or startup, this is money that could be saved or well spent elsewhere.

This is not just about price advantage.

Send With SES leverages the raw power of AWS's Simple Email Service (AWS SES) to deliver your emails.


  1. Undisputed Cloud Leader: Your emails are actually delivered by AWS - the undisputed leader in cloud computing. You can trust them to do that. No second thoughts about it.

  2. Absolute Cost Advantage: AWS SES is a low cost and highly reliable cloud-based email sending service to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. AWS SES costs $1 per 10,000 emails. This pricing is as low as low can get without sacrificing email deliverability. (Total cost of emails.)

  3. No Noisy Neighbors: With Send With SES, you are using your own AWS SES account. This means your email sending will not be affected by other users who might be sending out spam.

  4. Strict SPAM Control: AWS SES and Send With SES have strict anti-spam policies. So if you send unsolicited emails, you will be banned without prior notice. This is a great advantage for genuine email senders.

Why Do You Need 'Send With SES' ?

AWS SES does not have a straight forward way to send emails and track deliveries. You will have to wrangle with multiple services within AWS, their SDK’s, API’s, etc. to get seamless email delivery. Handling email delivery notifications and click tracks are a totally different pain. Send With SES handles all this for you. Send With SES also comes with a built in email designer - a critical element in composing beautiful newsletters.

Send With SES integrates tightly with your AWS SES Account. Your emails are actually delivered by AWS - the undisputed leader in cloud computing. You can trust them to do that. No second thoughts about it.

Send With SES comes with all the features you would expect from any reputed email service provider -- minus the high cost.

  1. Signup. Add AWS Keys. Add DNS entries. Good to go.

  2. Tag based contact management with advanced filters.

  3. Email collection popup - integrate with your web app with one line of code.

  4. Double opt-ins and unsubscribe management.

  5. Realtime delivery stats including link level click tracking.

  6. Active and heuristic SPAM control.

  7. Stand on the Giants Shoulders. Top level email deliverability - your email is actually delivered by AWS.

  8. Compose and send emails manually or via the API.

  9. Automations (coming soon).

  10. Easiest marketing newsletter designer EVER.

  11. No charges based on number of subscribers/contacts you have.

  12. Yes. There's a generous FREE PLAN.